Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day 7: Writing Poetic Silence

Quote inspiration:

“Silence introduced in a society that worships noise is like the Moon exposing the night. Behind darkness is our fear. Within silence our voice dwells. What is required from both is that we be still. We focus. We listen. We see and we hear. The unexpected emerges.”

Terry Tempest Williams

Your prompt in task form:

Mute or turn off everything that emits sound or delivers sound to you off for five minutes. 

Be silent.

If you must, turn on an inner mantra that speaks silence. Breathe the word in… and out… slowly.


Write a poem of these five minutes (or more). Allow the unexpected to emerge.  Write it.


Image prompt:

Choose one or more of the ideas above and write...

 --- Julie Jordan Scott


  1. Lovely prompt. Hope something unexpected emerges. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm going to sleep now and thinking... the words always come through for us, don't they? Sweet dreams!

  3. Your prompt was very timely for me. I re-blogged an old poem, and then wrote a new one as a haiga on your evocative photograph. The two poems make a kind of serial story!

  4. I've just created an October Poetry Writing Month board on Pinterest, that we can all pin our poems to, but... I don't know who to invite. Who wants to join?

    You can find me on there called Procrastination Coach and follow me (I think I can add followers) or I can add you through your e-mail address (the one you're using for Pinterest I guess).

    Making a group board is new for me, so please bear with me if I'm clumsy.

    1. Ah, this might help in finding me: http://www.pinterest.com/dowhatyoudont/

  5. I am so glad to know this helped you, Viv. Angela - I will check out your board. I think you need to actually send invitations but I'll follow you first because I know that is a part of it. Great idea, by the way!


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