Friday, September 22, 2017

For Writers & Readers Alike

Poetry is often painting images with words into the minds of the readers. Sometimes, I wish that there was music in the background for all my readers. has been doing a great job with music behind comics. Sometimes, I wish for pictures and I've found that! 

Today I'm sharing a fun tool for writers and readers alike to share in more poetry. It was maybe 5 months ago when I was browsing Tumblr and I found a really cool site called Commaful. I ended up chatting with the CEO a few weeks later (Turns out they're based in Denver, where I live part time) and soon became part of the top percentile of read poets. That was really cool and actually really unexpected. Anyways, Sidney from Commaful really gave me a great introduction to the site. 

I can take pictures from a pretty decent stock photo collection as well as upload my own and put my words in front of it. The site creates and hosts a slide show. One of my favorite features is the fact that it autoplays so I can really put in some solid line breaks. The pacing has worked out really well for me so far. 

I'd compare the tagging system similar to Tumblr, though the newness of the site makes most tags fair game. I tend to go with rather generalized tags. I'm reminded of photography site Viewbug when it comes to categorizing. It's quite interesting that "thoughts" and "poetry" are separated out which is really nice because there are many people on the internet that write sad rants about their feelings and call it poetry without much thought to the artistry of their words. 

There's also a themed challenge for when I have writer's block as well as a contests page. The contests seem to be underutilized so far, but it's a growing site. 

But really, my favorite part is that it's super sharable to other platforms. The Tumblr preview of it translates beautifully and it looks nice in a tweet. Being a full time writer and artist, social media is a HUGE deal for me so I'm always glad for a platform that fits my aesthetic and connects me to other writers.  

Oh and if you'd like to follow me on Commaful, you can find me at BeverlyTanFilm 


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