Saturday, September 16, 2017

Have You Ever Watched Spoken Word Poetry and Cried?

I watched the Odyssey poetry video I shared on yesterday's post today. It had been over a year and I thought if I was going to ask you to watch it I should refresh my memory. It is as I remember it, bold and powerful with slices of divinity woven in between the lines that are seductively spoken. Oh how I love spoken word poetry.

Of course after that I had to go on Youtube and see what other spoken word poetry I could find. After the second video I was in tears, the third had me sobbing. There is such pain in the world right now and there are many using their voices, their essence, their souls, to express what can only be expressed through poetry.

Photo courtesy of
by Linnaea Mallette

I decided to share this poet, Blythe Baird and her poem, Girl Code.

It spoke to me and
the things we learn as young girls and
follow us into adulthood that
we hope as mothers we can change but
life just keeps repeating the same stories
that get into our bones.

For all the little girls that just want to play and laugh, and have a good time without worrying what someone else is going to insinuate because of what they are wearing or saying or doing.

Head over to Youtube and explore the many videos of spoken word poetry, maybe it will inspire you to write a poem and Link Up for OctPoWriMo.

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