Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12: Imagination Stands in the Road

Our imagination is a powerful thing, it's what fuels us as children and hopefully continues to fuel us as adults. As I'm writing this, I have the Disney-Pixar movie "Inside Out" playing in the background. If you haven't seen it, it's a fun watch with some important life lessons that anyone can gather from it. 
One of the supporting characters is Bing Bong, the main character Riley's imaginary friend who she might have forgotten. He's mostly cotton candy, part cat, part elephant, and part dolphin as he describes himself. They went on adventures on their imaginary rocket, usually trips to the moon!
 Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? Do you have one now? What about your kids if you have them? What are some adventures you went on? 
On a sadder note, when did you stop playing with your imaginary friend? What was the moment where you grew past that? 
For those prompt lovers that commented nice things about my prompts last time, I have another for you! You'll either love me or hate me for it. Let's go around the world to France, for a 39 line poem called the sestina
Today I challenge you to try your hand at a sestina. Back in college when I was getting my poetry degree, I had to write several of these and hated most of those minutes. However, once I found my beat, I really found it and that was a pretty awesome feeling. 
A sestina is 39 lines, 6 stanzas with 6 lines each plus a tag. 
First, start with 6 words of your choice. Make sure you like them because you'll be using them over and over again. Take those words and rotate them at the ends of your stanzas. They rotate in a round with the last word of the last line being the last word of the first line in the next stanza.  Your lines can be any length, though it just looks nicer if they're quite regular. 

Example of how that will look with the words imagine(A), joy(B), coffee(C), clouds(D), rocket(E), music(F)
Stanza 1
Line 1-imagine (A)
Line 2-joy (B)
Line 3-coffee (C)
Line 4-clouds (D)
Line 5-rocket (E)
Line 6-music (F)
Stanza 2
Line 7-music(F)
Line 8-Imagine(A)
Line 9-rocket(E)
Line 10-joy(B)
Line 11-clouds (D)
Line 12-coffee(C)
Stanza 3
Line 13-coffee(C)
Line 14-music (F)
Line 15-clouds (D)
Line 16-imagine (A)
Line 17-joy (B)
Line 18-rocket(E)
Stanza 4
Line 19-rocket (E)
Line 20-coffee (C)
Line 21-joy (B)
Line 22-music (F)
Line 23-imagine (A)
Line 24-clouds (D)
Stanza 5
Line 25-clouds (D)
Line 26-rocket (E)
Line 27-imagine (A)
Line 28-coffee (C)
Line 29-music (F)
Line 30-joy (B)
Stanza 6
Line 31-joy(B)
Line 32-clouds(D)
Line 33-music (F)
Line 34-rocket(E)
Line 35-coffee (C)
Line 36-imagine (A)
Stanza 7
Line 37-imagine(A), joy (B)
Line 38-coffee (C), clouds (D)
Line 39-rocket (E), music (F)
There is a modification for an envoi for Stanza 7 
Line 37- imagine (A), joy (B), coffee (C)
Line 38- clouds (D), rocket (E), music (F) 

7. (envoi) ECA or ACE or AB, CD, EF 

Do you love or hate me now? 

For those that hate me, maybe I can redeem myself with more normal prompts: 

Imagine yourself on a mountain: 

Word prompts: 
Joy, clouds, music, rocket, coffee, imagine. 

Cheers and sunshine, 
-Beverly Tan


  1. I went with the friend bit to start with, and hope to try my hand at a sestina later today. I know I surprise myself sometimes with forms I think I can't handle :)

  2. I loved the prompt, but today is one of those hectic days that don't lend themselves too much to WORKING on a new form or a theme that doesn't simply jump at you.
    I hope to try a sestina before long.

    For today, completely off prompt, both in theme and form...

  3. Sonnets make me work so hard as it is... Today was not a day to try a sestina. I went with a free verse instead:

  4. Sestinas are super difficult. Here's my attempt: Imaginary Friends

    1. That one is amazing! Made me tear up the way Bing Bong does haha.

  5. Day 12:

  6. I went with the alternate prompt and I'm up in the mountains today on day 12: Up Above

  7. I've written a sestina before. Such a fun and challenging form! I'm traveling today, but writing when I get settled in this evening. Great prompt!

  8. Sharing for Sudha Reddy:
    The joy of imagination with words.
    Can I imagine
    A life full of joy
    Sky free of clouds
    Chirping of birds
    With a cup of coffee
    It is a mystical life music🎢

    It is a mesmerizing music 🎢
    What an exceptional joy
    I have allowed myself to imagine
    To be in the clouds
    Flying with the birds
    With the floating aroma of the coffee

    A bean of coffee
    Carried by the bird
    Flying through the clouds
    Drops a note of music
    I have imagined
    Earth’s sprouting joy

    Let me tell you about the joy
    I have imagined
    About the flying bird
    About the floating cloud
    About the fleeting music
    And all about the fuming coffee

    The water in the clouds ☁️
    Rain drops as the music
    A good book and the coffee
    What I meant to enjoy
    But I am free to imagine
    A rain bath for the birds πŸ¦…

    Freedom for the bird
    It is free to float with the cloud
    The notes on the music
    Are free for us to enjoy
    For someone destitute , can they imagine
    For a free cup of fine coffee ☕️

    The joy to imagination
    With the fuming coffee clouds
    Along with the birds chirping music
    The joy of imagination......πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ™sr

    After thought..... power of words through imagination

    The ray of light , is the power of imagination
    Is what keeps the hope
    Is what keeps the faith
    Is what gives the strength
    Is what gives the courage
    Is what gives perseverance
    Is what gives the resilience
    To keep moving in those difficult times....
    Where , it seems like all doors shut in life....
    The ray of light is the power of imagination
    To keep us going...towards the calling....
    Words added to the imagination , is POWER πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ™sr



    Hello, this is my entry for today. The prompt sounds facinating, never did one before so I'm treating it like homework. And homework takes time:)

  11. Replies
    1. Oh wow, I am blown away that you even used my randomly selected words! like WOW!

  12. Day 12's offering, which is really off the tracks today:

  13. Imagination's Sestina - thanks for the push to try this form again, Beverly!

  14. I had not the strength for a Sestina so instead - here is my day 12 poem

  15. What a BEAST. Here is my attempt:

  16. Day 12 was unbelievably challenging.
    'Sestina: Sistine' …

  17. The form defeated me this time. I live in Saskatchewan. What is this mountain you speak of? I cheated and pulled out this poem I already had 98% written.

  18. Very late post again.

    Day- 12

  19. I've posted this already as my day 13, but I've just realised it makes sense to post it here as well, since I totally owe the poem to the day 12 prompts:

  20. Whew! What an incredible prompt! Didn't have the courage to attempt it so re posting an old composition which suits the concept, though.

    Imagination stands in the Road- As a child my imaginary friend or friends rather were books and my favorite place was near the old bookshelf which stood quietly at one corner of the drawing room. Gradually I lost the habit of reading and was caught up in the hullabaloo of mundane life. During one of my recent visits to my home, I found the bookshelf still standing at the same corner and looking at me sadly. It was then that I thought about these lines:

    1. Haha it's a good challenge to save for a rainy day!

  21. I tried, I really did...


    About a reluctant princess


  24. thanks for the challenge, a sestina from me :)


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