Saturday, October 14, 2017

Day 14 - Movement and Words

Today's theme plays out daily on my arm. Too many stationary moments at my computer, and my exercise tracker buzzes and vibrates. Words appear on the screen on my wrist “Time for steps!” or “Let’s move!” or the guilt-inducing “Only 10 minutes left…” (I’m usually up before the rest of the admonition scrolls by.) Sure, I can turn off these friendly notifications if I choose. But, the truth is, I need the reminders. It’s too easy for me to become immersed and forget to move.

Two dictionary definitions of “movement” are:
 1.   1. an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed. "a slight movement of the upper body"

a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

Words can be catalysts for movement or some kind of shift. Once words literally got me up off the couch and out for a walk.

Movement is often a forerunner to words or thoughts. Big decisions are sometimes made after movement, or moving, or being involved in a movement of some kind.

And, some words have the ability to make us plant ourselves and refuse to move.

When did words affect your movement? Or stop you in your tracks? What words surfaced when (or after) you experienced movement?

Word Bank Prompt:
Stir                        Console                          Encourage             Incite
Protect                  Remind                           Remember            Ignite
Create                   Swirl                               Cajole                  Resist          

 Visual Prompt:

Remember, our prompts are only suggestions, you can find your inspiration wherever your muse leads you. Please visit the other participants, share the hashtag, #OctPoWriMo, on social media, and share your link in the comments below. Let us know how this journey into poetry is going for you.  

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  1. My entry for day 14:

  2. My poem for Day 14:

  3. I've been wanting to try the sestina since seeing it and started one yesterday. Completed this morning, please remember it's my first try! Day 14's offering:

  4. Hi :) can I join you? sorry, I miss the deadline, but I joined last year. I'll try to catch up... cheers!

  5. I tried to post but not sure it worked...
    I was tired of darkness after the past week, so I wrote a lighter poem today.

  6. Day 14 poem: Words In Motion https:

    1. Fun to read all your motion words. Where can I read your flash fiction? Looked like an interesting assignment. Thanks. xoA


    1. Loved your language in this poem. Especially liked this line:
      "The path of one direction will not stay–
      and sometimes where is now and when is here."
      Thank you. xoA

  8. Day 14:


  10. Off topic haiku today: Cat

  11. My new pen wanted to write about OctPoWriMo -

  12. Day 14 effort `


  14. I'm writing about ice mummies again.
    'Livor Mortis'

  15. Hi All

  16. Yesterday's...

  17. Sharing for Sudha Reddy:

    Journey of a word, in forward and reverse gears.....
    When the road map is for a social cause, small things can make a big difference.
    Life experiences—thoughts—words—action—movement—change

    Journey of a word
    In forward and reverse gears ......

    Life experiences are the lessons for life values
    Values and ideals are the basis to feel the need for a change
    Life experience that necessitate a need for a change
    The need for a change initiates a thought for the change
    Life experience and the thought together ,help make a road map for the desired change
    A word forms from the thought and could motion an action
    Life experiences a tipping point, which starts a social movement
    An action can move the world from inaction or wrong actions
    Now the life experiences the meaning and purpose of a social change
    Moving the humanity towards a NO man made disaster zone

    Journey of a word
    In forward and reverse gears.......

    Living beyond self for a greater good
    All thriving together for Human good
    Healing the man made disaster and suffering would be good
    Avoiding, preventing the man made disaster and suffering, for good

    A disaster created by humans is not always predictable
    Mass shooting, senseless killing
    Massacre and genocide and name a few
    But what is equally damaging or worse .....that is a man made disaster in a smaller way
    It has a cumulative effect and possible cause for a bigger disastrous effect....

    Every time someone ‘s self respect, human dignity and self worth is crushed to dust
    Obvious or subtle..... that is a human disaster in a small way , which has a cumulative effect....

    Every time , such action is ignored, perpetrated, just be a silent by stander, or to Accept being a silent victim...... that is a man made human disaster in a small way, which has a cumulative effect

    Every time one stands up to these small human disasters.....then a major disaster is prevented in a small way.....for a cumulative bigger change.....

    Every time there is a natural disaster, we learn to cope with it as best as we can...
    as these are to some extent predictable and scientific ..and I accept the nature’s wrath as a natural phenomenon... but I am unable to accept a man made disaster as anything but senseless and as preventable , if we only pay a little attention in small ways as a society 😊💕🙏sr

  18. Day-14


  20. I worked two thirteen hour shifts and am behind on my poetry prompts. I'm not going to beat myself up for it.
    If anyone is offended by profanity, don't read this poem.

  21. And a late post for Day 14 Poem


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