Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 18: Everyone Went on Eating

From what I've read, sounds like I really gave you guys a doozy with my last prompt! I've read some pretty amazing sestinas though! Don't worry, I'm going a little easier on you with a form challenge prompt today. 
Mirror mirror on the wall, this still isn't the easiest form of all. Let's talk about Palindrome Poetry also known as Mirror Poetry. The word "palindrome" comes from the Greek words "palin" and "dromos" which mean "again" and "running" so we're running back and forth on these words today. 
The rules are just about as simple as you can make them. Write words until the middle bridge words, then write those words backwards. Keeping running back and forth until they make sense. When you read the poem backwards, it should be the exact same poem. 
Want the easy button? The beginner level challenge would be to use as many single word or phrases that are palindromes as you can in any poem. Words such as "racecar" or "taco cat" 

Now for the other prompt that isn't a mind-bending form! 
"Everyone went on eating" is the phrase of the day. We're taking a slightly darker turn here. What is something that has happened that you felt should've changed things, but in the end didn't cause a reaction? Did you make a big announcement to friends and family only for them to continue about their day? Did you have a surprise at a dinner table conversation? Maybe it was a happy thing, did the mood of the room change? 
Think about a time when everyone kept on eating. How did the room feel? How did the energy move? How did you and others react? 
What did you eat? Did that affect the feel of the moment? 
Halloween picture prompt for you: 

Cheers & Sunshine! 

When Asian-American poet Beverly Tan was 7 years old she decided she wanted to be a filmmaker. In 2015 she became an internationally award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director. Along with her films, Beverly was fueled by a passion for writing and proving that her childhood dreams really can come true. 
She currently splits time between Raleigh, NC and Denver, CO, though her cat lives in Raleigh full time.
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  1. Went with a palindrome poem today. Took a few rounds but I enjoyed the process!

  2. I love the prompt, but I’m not in a headspace where I’m willing to go there. I could not go with the vulnarable bit of the prompt, but I did go with the darker turn:

  3. a mirror sestet from me :)



    I was inspired by the phrase Everyone went on eating, but somehow it turned into and still the rain.

  6. Day 18 - Palindrome


    1. You did a great job with the palindrome! I like this line:
      "bending stars
      in process," Thank you. xoa

  8. I didn't try the palindrome. I know it must be fun to challenge oneself this way, but frankly, the prompts challenge my mental health every day it seems, so writing is already challenge enough for me.

    Maybe next year I'll feel more secure in myself and can spend more time working on form. I wish I had that time right now, but... life must go on!

    Here is my day 18 poem. Now, having some time on my hands, I'll finally be able to catch up on some reading of all of your poetry.

  9. I had fun with this theme. Day 18 poem: The Horned Winged Monkey In The Room

  10. I did it Beverly!!!

  11. I combined both prompts...dark and a palindrome. I'm sad the month is almost over! Here's today's post.

  12. HI Everyone
    My entry for today

  13. We passed our work audit! Yay! Now the post adrenalin rush letdown has set in. This is one of the things I wrote to try to get a head start on 31 poems in 31 days. It's not all-emcompassing and some may not like the characterizations. That said, I've been both an innie and an outie! Day 18's offering:

  14. Posting for Sudha Reddy.

    Prompt -Everyone went on eating.....

    Human Hyperphagia

    Eat, Eat, and Eat more....
    Everyone is Eating.....
    Eat for being happy
    Eat to celebrate
    Eat for sadness sake
    Eat to feel good
    Eat to feel bad after
    Eat to nourish
    Eat to pass time
    Eat when bored
    Eat when no time
    Eat when there is much time
    Eat fast when you can
    Eat slow when you can
    Everyone went on eating ..
    Beyond the need for survival, sustenance and self preservation

    Human hyperphagia is mostly emotional hibernation
    Grizzlies’ hyperphagia is before hibernation
    Human hyperphagia is a preoccupation
    Mindful eating is without preoccupation
    Eating is for survival, sustenance and self preservation.😊💕🙏sr

    1. I've learned not to believe there's such a thing as "good eating" or "bad eating", there is only eating. When I start believing there are "good" foods or "bad" foods, my eating disorder kicks in.

  15. I wasn't up to trying the Palindrome bit. I wrote a mercifully brief and mercilessly autobiographical free verse bit.
    Everyone Went On Eating

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  17. I decided for today's poem that I would revise one I had written for this years NaPoWriMo - it aligned well with the prompt "And they went on eating" and thought it may be a good forum for some feedback (there is a link to the original version at the bottom of the poem). Let me know what you think... (Note: the inspiration is from me witnessing crows attack a hawk)

  18. Day-18


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