Monday, October 23, 2017

Day 23: What is the Message?

Today I'm feeling fantastical! It's no secret that my favorite genre in prose is fantasy, and it bleeds into my poetry often. Mythology is a huge influence in my writing as I've spent a lot of time studying retellings of stories. 
Hermes was the great messenger of the Greek gods, but the lesser known golden-winged messenger god was a goddess. Her name was Iris and she was the goddess of rainbows. She had a twin sister named Arke, but Arke didn't have her golden wings and is only the second lighter rainbow that you sometimes see. Arke in her jealousy betrayed Olympus and became a messenger for the gods. Now there's a good story right? 
For your subject prompt today, think about messengers, and even use the story of Iris and Arke if you want. How do you think those sisters were feeling? What really made Arke leave? What was the message? 

Now for the fellow form challenge lovers. 
Today isn't as hard either. I bring you, the nonet! The nonet is a form as old as time, though some people think it originated in France. 
The form is super easy! Your first line has 9 syllables. Your second line has 8 syllables. You keep going like that until you reach your last line with 1 syllable. It's like a Haiku on steroids.  

Picture Prompt: 

Cheers & Sunshine! 

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  1. Hello Everyone, playing catch up. Here is my entry for today.

  2. You inspired me, Bev.

  3. Inspired by the prompt:

  4. I wasn't inspired by the theme, but I did follow the form today.

  5. a quadrilew from me :)

  6. Been a long time since my last nonet! Here's my piece for Day 23:

  7. Poem Day 23 - A Clear Path In The Snow

  8. Hello All!


    1. Beautiful images. This one I really liked:
      "an arc of feathered winglight" Thank you. xoA


  11. First time try on nonet. Day 23's offering:

  12. Twenty-third Day, a nonet. "The Message"

    1. Several have asked me to explain this poem. That tells me it needs work. I'm thinking the nonet was not the best form for what I wanted to say. xoA

  13. Loved this one! Here's mine

  14. I have a question... is anyone here deliriumxv?
    Someone requested access to my blog, but I don't allow it unless it's someone I've already exchanged somewhere on WP/blogger...

  15. For today, a nonet string.
    I wonder why it’s the already burning ones / we have nominated for our / suffering

    'Nominee' …


  16. #metoo

    a knotty memory squats
    thick-bodied and stubborn
    into an uneasy resting place,
    that hush-hush corner
    of a cheerless, simmering discretion
    enduring a sightless silence
    sacrificing equanimity
    for a homespun healing
    wanting to forget

    ©Anke Hodenpijl 10/23/2017

  17. Posting for Sudha Reddy:

    Day 23- prompt what is the message
    Nonet form

    My message is to keep how the nature smiles to us😊💕💐


    Mysterious nature of the Nature
    Think this is how the Nature smiles
    The sunshine and the rainbow
    Rain drops and the wind blows
    Falling leaves in rows
    Birds reach the nests
    Flowers humble bows
    Moist soils
    Smile 😊

  18. I tried a nonet

  19. Catching up! Wrote a nonet too, but still considering breaking up the sentences so that each one begins on a new line.

  20. Slowly catching up with my posts - Here is my Day 23 Poem

    Cloppsright is a nonsense word in the poem, I use it as a curse word of old.


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