Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 4: Between the Clouds and the Water

Sunset on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Photo by Amy McGrath
Welcome to Day 4! Hope you're enjoying writing along with us! Just a reminder that all of our prompts are 100% OPTIONAL. You are welcome to use them or not, adapt them, twist them, mold them to suit your poetic muse. We are just glad you're here!

Several years ago, when I was still teaching high school, I had an opportunity to observe classes at a model school in Worcester, MA. A 7th grade language arts class opened with a discussion of their homework from the previous evening. Now, years later, I'm still returning to that 7th grade assignment because it was so incredibly thought-provoking. The students were asked to go home and make a list of "where poetry hides".

When I saw today's prompt, "between the clouds and the water", I immediately thought that would be a place where poetry would hide! I've always been drawn to the water, particularly the ocean, and am blessed to live so near the Atlantic coast and the Chesapeake Bay. I can have my feet in the sand in about 15 minutes and it's perfect for me.

What about you? Where does poetry hide in your life? In your city? Are you moved by clouds and water? Stormy skies or sunshine and  fluffy clouds? Maybe this prompt can be a poetic vacation, a way for you to give words to your dream location.

Whatever your choice, I look forward to reading your poems!

Amy McGrath

Word Prompts

between the clouds and the water
where poetry hides
fantasy location
in my world

Image Prompt

Incoming Storm on Topsail Island, NC
photo by Amy McGrath


  1. I wasn't ready to write a playful poem. Besides, I already had this one as a rough draft.

    Between Clouds and the Water

  2. Yay, day 4 done, I used the where poetry lies prompt:

  3. My Day 4 post !

  4. The imagery of poetry hiding enticed me. My piece for Day 4:

  5. I was reminded of my childhood -

  6. Of course, poetry hides under the bed! What beautiful pictures that somehow led me to whimsy. Thank you!

  7. Here I go. Day 4

  8. I thought I was going to write about the clouds in the sky last night- that did not happen...
    day 4>>>>

  9. Hi there! A bit late this year, but nevertheless , here's my entry for Day 4 :

    Loved this prompt and the opportunity of exploring with words, thanks :-)

  10. Sunsets, sunrises, and the end of the year: Give Way to Gold

  11. Here's mine:

  12. I'm up in the clouds on day four...

  13. Here goes my Day 4

    Just managed to pen whatever was going in my mind.A rushed work :)

  14. Day 4 didn't go where I had planned at all. I may get to write the other poem I started earlier still, but for now, these are the words that needed out.

  15. Many false starts on today's poem, but in the end I am the "Ocean's Daughter"...


  17. I almost didn't finish this. My month of poetry, interrupted by grief.
    'Anamnesis' …

    1. I couldn't comment on your blog. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

    2. I am so sorry for your loss and grateful you had them in your life. Breathe in their scent. It shall never leave you.

    3. I loved your poem. Sending hugs and healing thoughts. xoA

    4. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your thoughts.

  18. Day 4 of the Poetry Challenge.
    Prompt: Between Clouds and Water
    Click on the link to read:
    © Anke Hodenpijl 10/4/2017

  19. Posting on behalf of Sudha Reddy for Day 4. Below is her entire poem.

    The Day 4 topic is so blissfully chosen.

    Between the clouds and the water.....The beautifully setting sun, toasting in all possible golden hues......
    What a joy that would be, to be able to silently say Good morning and Goodbye to the Sun every day.
    It can happen only if we fantasize on the thought of such joy....������

    The Great Mystery

    The creation is a maestro, an ever unfolding mystery
    Unraveling only for those who can see its magnificent mastery
    There is that harmony between the opposites within its tapestry
    Between the harmonious opposites, there is the silent majesty
    The fringe of eloquent silence is filled with colors, in its artistry

    The sound of silence is present between the cloud and the water
    The scent of silence is present between this wave and the next
    The power of silence is present, as in the hummingbird’s wing flutter
    The melody of silence is present in the incessant cooing of the bird

    In my world, the poetry hides in this fancied location
    To reach that silence, I need not vacation
    To find these neglected joys that are within my reach, is the vocation
    When I feel the need to replenish my joyous creation

    From the mystery of the creation comes the Joy
    From the Joy of silence comes the creation
    From the eye in the heart ......A perfect vision
    Both are beautifully imbibed .....with my submission ������sr

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  21. I always find it interesting when the muse takes a left turn..... Here is my Day 4 Poem

  22. After visiting Shadow Poetry, I decided to write a cascade.

    Day 4: The Glacier

  23. My first crack at a Minute Poem. Day 4:

  24. I started writing about inbetween spaces and ended up here:

  25. My poem for the 4th Day: Where Poetry Hides

  26. I went with a haiku, I love walking through and among the trees and they do inspire often but sometimes nothing will come to the fore :)

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  28. For day 4

  29. A L'Arora from me :)


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