Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 6- While I was pacing the floor

Aloha and welcome to Day 5! I'm Tamara and I'm giving you the next prompt. I hope you've been enjoying your OctPoWriMo so far. Let's keep this thing going!

Tamara Woods
Today's topic: while I was pacing the floor. 

I don't often pace. I'm more of a tapper or a leg shaker when I have excess energy. I'll pace for a moment and then quickly start washing dishes or cleaning something. Just something to try to focus my mind and my body. The apartment never seems big enough for pacing. 

When I saw this prompt, I thought about trying to lose a problem, but never getting rid of it. It's dogging my steps. Sticking to me like a shadow.  

Try brainstorming when was the last time you paced. Did you pace alone? What was the trigger? Is it nervous energy? Is it trying to physically emulate what's happening inside? While you're pacing, are you thinking, or are you just concentrating on moving? Was there something that was dogging your steps? 

Word prompts:

shadows walk with me
keeping the pace
between then and now
moving to breathe
pacing happy thoughts 

Image Inspiration:
I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Tamara Woods was raised (fairly happily) in West Virginia, where she began writing poetry at the age of 12. She published her first poetry collection, The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman in 2014 and is working on her first fiction novel due out in winter 2016. She is the Editor of The Reverie Journal, a poetry publication. She also moderates #writestuff a weekly writing Twitter chat. You can find her on Twitter here. She works as a full-time freelance writer and doesn’t post nearly enough her blog PenPaperPad. She creates videos about books and writing on her YouTube channel. She is a hillbilly hermit in Honolulu living with her Mathemagician.


  1. My Day 6 post !

  2. I managed to misread the prompt :) This is where that led me: It's a short one, my head's not in a writing space today.

  3. A lighter piece to welcome the weekend. My poem for Day 6:

  4. Not quite the cheerful poems of some of the other respondees -

  5. Day 6 :

  6. Hello all! My entry for Day 6 , hope you like it :-)

  7. Day 6: The Still Ferris Wheel

    1. Lovely. I enjoyed your poem and the exquisite photographs. xoA

  8. While Plastic Snowflakes Sparkled

  9. Day-6

  10. Posting on behalf of Sudha Reddy. See her poem below.

    The prompt - while I was pacing the floor...

    Is a relevant topic for almost all, at some point in their lives.

    As an obstetrician, I have seen many, to-be fathers pacing the floor nervously in labor and delivery units...
    Though in those situations I don’t have the luxury to do the same ....both for space ,time and of course mainly for the message it gives about being nervous....😃
    By training we stay calm ..... so as to stay focused in emergency situations.
    Once the emergency situation is handled, then I return home drained emotionally, then I need my leisure walk to replenish my stores.

    A Walk to the Park

    Every drop of emotional energy is precious to me
    How fast it depletes with any restlessness within me
    Leaves a shadow, which is limp and weak in me
    The leisure walk to the park works for me.

    Keeping the pace and moving the air synchronously
    Away from home I went with my shadow in me
    The vision of the children playing reached me
    The sound of the happy noises they make surround me
    Release of the endorphin pump thumping in me
    By then the happy thoughts are flooding within me
    Happiness is contagious and thus already infected me

    I walked back home, with the same shadow in me
    The negative thoughts didn’t seem to bother me
    There was a palpable shift from then and now within me
    Realized that the brain is not capable of duality in me
    Cannot have positive and negative thoughts at a time within me
    One has to give way to the other.....

    I smiled to myself.....
    How I worried...
    And how simple is , not to worry.....
    Keep smiling.....
    Stay positive....
    And Spread the cheer....😊💕🙏sr

    After thought....

    Only if worry, could fix our problems.....
    You are allowed to worry all day everyday .
    Worry only drains you , it is a negative energy
    And makes us incapable to plan or act objectively to fix our problems
    Being positive helps get Creative brain working and thus creative solutions for our problems
    Problem solved then no worries...😊💕🙏sr

    1. i like the philosophy of balance in your words

  11. Here's my contribution for today. I hope the formatting shows on whatever device you're using to read it!

  12. I posted earlier so if it shows up, I apologize.
    I'm catching up as I've had a mind numbing cold.
    Here are links for Day 6 and Day 1. Thank you! :)

    1. My favorite line: In nature’s energy

      and calm

      thoughts grow.

      I like it!

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  16. My contribution to Day 6. Off prompt

  17. Lol how will I get to day 31 of this?

    '5 X 8 = 40' …

  18. Your prompt was perfect for today. Here is my submission for day 6:

  19. Day 6: Pacing

  20. Day 6:

  21. Because I am 46 late for Day 6...

  22. I don't pace any more. I'm a parking ticketer and walk all day long. I have nothing left over

  23. DAY 6

  24. DAY 6


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  27. Day 6 "the tick and tock"

    A night poem

  29. My Day 6

    I continue to struggle with my fear of falling while running. I just keep taking one small step after another


  31. a quatern from me :)


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