Friday, October 19, 2018

Day 19: What do you want

"What do you want?"
"It's not that simple!"
"What do you want?"
"...I have to go..."

This scene, from the 2004 film The Notebook (based on Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name), is apparently a seminal cultural moment - something I didn't know before Google Images kindly informed me of the fact. I'm guessing this is because it taps into one of those fundamental human questions - if my twenties are anything to go by, you spend an awful lot of your youth asking yourself that very same question.

So your poem might address someone else - anyone, really, from your three-year-old who just wants a cookie, to your partner (do you both want the same out of this relationship?) or best friend. Or it could address yourself, as you try and work out what would actually make you happy in life (maybe the three-year-old has it right: as the Cookie Monster will tell you quite readily, cookies are usually the answer). This could be a thing, person, place, or something else entirely.

With a question being inherent in today's prompt, you might want to employ a dialogic format in your poem today. Your questions (and maybe answers, if you consider it pertinent to include them) might be argumentative and stichomythic, or more meandering and contemplative.

Suggested forms

Asking questions repeatedly - whether of yourself or someone else - seems to demand a similarly echoing form. For this reason, you might like to try a palindrome poem, a contrapuntal poem, or a chant poem (all ably explained in these links by Writer's Digest's Robert Lee Brewer).

Word prompts


And to finish, a quotation that might inspire you, today from Charlie Chaplin:

Happy writing!

-- Bianca

Remember that our prompts are only suggestions - go wherever the muse takes you.
In the meantime, read other participants' poems, share the #octpowrimo hashtag on social media, and add your link to your own poem in the comments below.


  1. what I want... :)

  2. Some questions to the higher self! ;)

    1. I love the play of meanings on 'Ignition'! It works so well in the poem, with the image of lighting up something, and driving.

  3. A little bit of self-introspection is always good :D

    Midlife Crisis

  4. A cleave poem, similar idea to a contrapuntal poem.

  5. Very difficult to acknowledge certain facts and feelings.

    Here is my take on today's prompt.

    1. I can feel the longing in this post and also love the image you chose to accompany it!

    2. The repetition is marvellous; it conveys the frustration and longing so well.



  8. I wrote three today. Two with bad rhymes, one of which is an ode to a friend. (If she doesn't kill me for writing it, I might share that one later.) The third is a work in progress. So I'm sharing the only one left -> a bad rhymes one, in the form table:

  9. Replies
    1. That last line really makes the whole piece.

  10. Today's attempt:

  11. Here is my poem for Day 19 - what do you want

  12. My take on answering the question 'What do you want?' is almost confessional. Please enjoy. Fatherhood

  13. A chant poem ...
    What do you want ?

    I want to bring back all the sons
    Who left before their turn

    I want to bring back all the husbands
    Who left some unfulfilled dreams

    I want to bring back all the fathers
    Who left some unfinished rejoicing

    I want bring back all the brothers
    Who left before the game is finished

    I want to bring back all of those
    Who left before their time

    I want to bring back everyone of those
    Who left before their human worth has not been tested or valued

    Knowing well my want is never going to be fulfilled
    Moving forward
    I want to cherish everyone of those who touch my life
    With a smile only to reciprocate a happy smile back
    Keep trying to be kind and decrease the pain around
    No matter what i get keep giving warmth and love ... sr

  14. I appreciate the prompts and challenges today and made time to attempt to meet them:

  15. This wasn't written today, but it seems like it was written with this prompt in mind.

    Title: "Flypaper"


  17. My day 19 poem - I had taken pictures while walking downtown so decided to use one of them. Not sure if it goes... or perhaps it does?

  18. Loved that movie! Excited to write a poem using that line as the title. I wrote a Nonet-Rhyme


  20. I couldn't decide which form to use. I did them all.

  21. Pretty late yest again! Here's what I have to say about the prompt -



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