Thursday, October 31, 2019

OctPoWriMo Day 31

This has been a difficult time for me and coming to the poetry page felt mostly impossible. I turned to art journaling instead. I was able to feel calmer as I scribbled and colored on the page. This was the only way I could find peace during the chaos of breakups and injury. I have trouble drawing faces though so I have set a challenge for myself to draw at least one face a day. This was my first one. I'm using Tamara Laporte's, Art, Heart and Healing class.

Art by MDragonwillow

I hope you enjoyed the prompts this year that I and the other volunteers shared with you. Whether you wrote a poem everyday or sporadically, it is all good. Every poem matters. Your words matter. Thank you for joining us and I hope you will join us again next year.

Poetry Prompts:

Where do you find peace in this time of chaos in the world. I find it in nature and in moving colors across the page. Write for ten minutes asking yourself where you find peace.

Word Prompts:



May your words fly to the page.

I will be sharing two different programs on my patreon which will include prompts beginning tomorrow throughout the year.
I am setting up the Magical Mercury Retrograde booklet in Amazon Kindle today and should be available soon.
I still have at least four weeks before I can start working again so if you are able, please hop on over to - Morgan's Medical Fundraiser. Every little bit helps.

Morgan Dragonwillow
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Remember, our prompts are only suggestions, you can find your inspiration wherever your muse leads you. Please visit the other participants, share the hashtag, #OctPoWriMo on social media, and share your link in the comments below. Let us know how this journey into poetry is going for you and if this is your first year or if you have been with us from the beginning.

Morgan Dragonwillow, author of Wild Woman Waking & Dancing within Shadow, is a Bodywork transformer, dancing poet, motivator of words, magical instigator and creatrix of #OctPoWriMo & #PoetsonthePage. Please visit her Patreon page 
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  1. Hope you find your peace, Morgan :) thank you and the other volunteers for all the prompts this year <3

  2. Dear Morgan,
    Thank you very much for this annual fest of words. It has been almost 6 years that I am participating in this challenge. Words are not enough to thank you for making this journey a healing process. I am going through a rough patch and this really helped.This year I am not in my element but I did give it a shot and made it through the challenge.I hope I make it next year too.

    To everybody, a heartfelt thanks for being part of this journey.
    Wishing you all great things, peace and happiness.

  3. Well, Morgan, here we are on the last day.
    Thank you so much for keeping this challenge going. I know it's been a struggle for you this year with one thing and another. I do hope things improve for you.
    I like your portrait.
    Thank you to everyone who've taken part . It's benn great reading all your words - very different from each other , even with the same prompt.
    I am happy to have managed a poem for every one of the 31 days. I can relax now a little.

  4. I'm so very sorry that you've had such a difficult time, and I appreciate that you've hosted the challenge. I pray that the heaviness will lift and circumstances improve.

  5. My last one:

    Fundraising is hard to do, so I take the opportunity to share this again on Morgans behalf -> If you hadn't seen the fundraiser yet, here it is:

    If you're not on Facebook but would like to contribute to Morgan's fundraiser for her medical costs anyhow, I'm guessing she has PayPal and something could be worked out.


  7. Thank you Morgan, Esther, Maria and Michelle for the great prompts.
    Enjoyed my first time challenge and will return next year.Even though I am relieved that I made it to the end, I feel a little sad that it is all over.Take care everyone, keep penning poetic gems and as we say down under...keep yourselves nice !

    Day 31 ( Bingo !)

  8. I haven't been able to write every day, but what I did write, I am immensely proud of. So, in honor of this, here's my closer entry of this year.

    Title: "Triumphal"

  9. This was my first time participating. Thank you to all the prompters. It was a wonderful opportunity to find new poets to read and learn from.
    My final entry,

  10. So enjoyed this challenge! It brought my back to my writing love!

  11. Once again, I am sad that it is over. Thank you everyone for writing with us this year!
    For my last poem this year, I did an acrostic as I hadn't done one this month yet: PEACE

  12. I love your portrait. I have greatly appreciated your support of those of us who are imperfect, who need to be able to express our pain without expectation of becoming "better." Whether I have a "disease" which means that my baseline is moderately depressed (it is) with cycles of somewhat better and way worse, or whether the world has done this to me shouldn't matter. I'm no better or worse than the happier sorts and I appreciate your encouragement.
    I am not sure where you are in the world but if you are in the United States and haven't been able to work, you should try applying for Medicaid. I know that it varies state to state but it has been a lifesaver for me, because I can't work a regular job anymore and I'm not exactly breaking the bank with writing book reviews.
    I'm kind of all in and am starting NaNoWriMo tomorrow because I'm a masochist, and prompts about healing tend to waken angry, rebellious, goth metalhead seventeen-year-old me. Which wouldn't be so bad, except she tends to go on a tear and rail at disabled, decrepit, middle-aged, still-angry but too damn tired to do much about it except write pissed-off poetry me for being a failure. So today, I'm going to cheat, give myself a treat, and share a sad but peaceful Senryu about bluebells.
    My Bluebell

    1. That is a beauty! Thank you for the wonderful verses :)

  13. To explore me at peace, I wrote some clarity

  14. This is my entry for the day

    This was the first experience for me. Taking part in a real challenge and that too of Poetry. This journey has been amazing as I have pushed myself to test my abilities and I have met some wonderful people here. Thanking everyone who hosted this challenge . It was a great pleasure for me !!! Love to all of you !! <3

  15. Happy Halloween Poets!
    Day 31:

  16. I made it! Thank you for providing this forum. I hope you continue to heal.

  17. Hope things get better for you soon Morgan 💕
    Here's my link for Day 31 - Peace

  18. I can't believe we made it through the month! Thank you, writers, for sharing your beautiful poems, and thank you, for these wondrous prompts which led us through! Peace to: Morgan Dragonwillow, Michelle Vecchitto, Esther Jones, and Maria L. Berg.

  19. Thank you to all the volunteers who make this challenge possible, and to all the poets who shared their work. Here is mine, believe there is a heaven:

  20. Apologies for being so late! Here's mine -


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