Saturday, October 31, 2020

OctPoWriMo Day 31

Congratulations, you made it all the way to the end of OctPoWriMo 2020! You are a success for writing poetry whether you wrote one poem, 31 poems, or somewhere in between. I hope you have enjoyed the journey, learned things along the way, expanded your poetry practice, and plan on continuing writing poetry throughout the year. 

Photo by MDragonwillow

"Where there is light, there must be shadow,

 where there is shadow there must be light."

-Haruki Murakami

Poetry Prompts:

Here we go, the last prompts for OctPoWriMo 2020. Write for ten minutes about light, dark, and shadow. Our lives are filled with all three and you can't have one without the others. It is when we learn to embrace all three, that our voice grows strong and fills our words with heart. I haven't quite learned how to do this, but I'm working on it. Embrace all aspects of yourself, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are perfect in your imperfection.

Word Prompts:


Poetry Type:

Parallelogram de Crystalline - Instead of writing to the beauty of a lover, write of the light, dark, and shadow compared to nature or to each other.


Music and Dance:

I struggled to find the right song for this last prompt, but I finally found it.

Peace to you, 
Morgan Dragonwillow

Remember, our prompts are only suggestions, you can find your inspiration wherever your muse leads you. Please visit the other participants, share the hashtag, #OctPoWriMo on social media, and share your link in the comments below. Let us know how this journey into poetry is going for you and if this is your first year or if you have been with us from the beginning.

Morgan Dragonwillow, author of 
Wild Woman Waking & Dancing within Shadow, is a Bodywork transformer, dancing poet, motivator of words, magical instigator and creatrix of #OctPoWriMo & #PoetsonthePage. Please visit her Patreon page to discover more of her words, art, and prompts, including her uncensored self.



    Day 31

    Thank you Morgan and contributors for making this such fun. Wouldn't have missed it for quids! Good luck in the election. The rest of us will be watching anxiously.

  2. Thank you and the other contributors very much for doing this again.
    Here's a cheerful little poem...
    Nah, I'm just kidding. You know me. It's dark and gloomy.
    Perfect Imperfection

  3. Thank you for a beautiful journey.😊

  4. Such a wonderful gift you've given us. I'm very glad to have grown with you all here!

  5. Dear Morgan, this month has been a journey inwards. It was made more beautiful by fellow writers who were there earlier too and the ones who joined this year. I would like to thank them for their support. Following the poetry type prescribed helped in tightening some poems, whereas at others some lost punch because of form restrictions. Thus I learnt a lot. Here's today's verse. Already looking forward to next year!

    I shared your artwork and pics almost everyday and they were much appreciated on my blog. Thank you.

  6. Dear Morgan,
    This has been my very first OctPoWriMo and I'm extremely thankful for this beautiful journey of poetry writing. Thank you for all the new forms that you gave us to try out and the prompts of self discovery.

    On an ending note, here's a Florette for day 31:

    Thank You!!

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  8. Dear Morgan,

    Even though things went sideways and quick, largely owing to my own issues, I did enjoy writing for this year's OctPoWriMo as well. I did not quite reach 31, I actually wrote somewhere around 35-37, but only 29 ended up good or good enough to end up on my blog. Still, this year was a touch more personal and I am happy I did it.

    Per my parting words, I leave you with what I think is an apt conclusion to this year's OctPo and, at least for now, the style I have been using for OctPo. Although it was for day twenty-nine, I think it is a good closer.

    Title: "Trainspotting"

  9. Day 31 - A wonderful Journey with amazing prompts.. This always helps in rediscovering myself.. and leaves me mesmerized.. Relived .. Refreshed..

    Thanks Morgan .. Have a Happy Life.. will wait for 2021.

  10. My poem today is an ode, inspired by Morgans words

    I'm going to be catching up with reading your blogs in November. The month is just not the same when I read less of my fellow participants.

    For everyone who likes my work and would love a book of it, accompanied by stunning pictures made by my mother: I'll be launching my book on Amazon next Monday, November 2nd. I plan to make it FREE for the first five days.

    If you happen to be anti-Amazon but are interested in the book anyway, please leave a message for me out our blog: (I'm too unorganisted to keep track of them anywhere else, I need them in one place to live up to my promise).

    I'll make sure that when the book gooes wide (=available in more places than just Amazon, after three months) I will get you a free or discounted copy too.

    I'm pretty sure some of the poems in the book were born in a poetry month, but I haven't checked yet. I will check, and maybe write a blog post then.

    Thank you, all of you!

    1. That was the wrong link, but a good wrong one. It leads to Morgans Patreon page. Here's the link to my poem:

  11. Thanks so much for hosting again, Morgan! It's been a joy to read all these wonderful poems & to contribute some of my own. Hope to join in again next year!

    Day 31 -- An off prompt spooky piece : "No-Eyes"

    Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃

  12. Dear Morgan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for one more year of catharsis with words. This year I couldn't do justice to the given prompts due to unavoidable circumstances. Hope I spring back next year with loads of good vibes in my heart. Thank you dear poets for the wonderful journey. I am sorry as I couldn't comment on any of your posts this year. The mind playing tricks. Take care and be safe. Let the words inspire you every days <3


  13. Happy Halloween!

  14. Thank you, Morgan, for another October of poetry. Here's mine:

  15. My last entry finally readable (the first picture I chose made the poem blurry...).
    Thank you so much Morgan for another month of poetry. I enjoy it every year and cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to push myself.

  16. Wow love this post. I learnt to love reading and writing because of poems. Great words prompts and I love the video I did not know this song I am in love I even bought it on itunes Have a wonderful day Cris


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